Albany Law School along with other members of a community-wide coalition and two other education institutions (Siena College and The College of Saint Rose), received a grant from the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Violence Against Women to support the launch of the Campus Response to Violence Against Women Project.

Click HERE for access to Albany Law School’s Harassment Policy. 

This highly innovative project aims to respond to violence against women through a multi-disciplinary and collaborative approach.  The Project is working  to build a culture on our campus where violence against women is not tolerated and seeks to support and empower student victims while holding offenders accountable.

Important components of this work are outreach and education to all students During Orientation for fall 2009, the Office of Student Affairs and Diversity Office will host a presentation for incoming students on domestic and dating violence, sexual assault and stalking, providing a forum for discussing Albany Law’s policies on these issues and available resources for victims.  The presentation will incorporate  information on bystander intervention to introduce the idea that friends and classmates can impact outcomes on these issues.  

Providing support and advocacy for all students is an important part of the Project.  As an added resources we have an assigned Advocate, Michelle Murray, who is available to meet with victims confidentially.  It is important to note that the  Project Advocate’s role is to be a neutral, supportive voice in an otherwise chaotic and trauma-filler time.  There is no pressure to decide any one course of  action.  Students will be advised of the option available to them and be allowed to decide for themselves what they want.  Michelle can be reached on her 24-hour hotline: (518) 258-8342.

Holding offenders accountable will be more likely with the development of policies and protocols which are sensitive to the student’s needs, minimizing their re-victimation during investigation and/or disciplinary processes, so we are working to refine Albany Law’s written policies on domestic and dating violence, sexual assault and stalking.  Trainings for University Heights Security personnel were held this past spring and trainings for those involved in campus-based disciplinary system are being organized. 

On-campus representation include:  Pershia Wilkins, Director of Diversity, (518) 445-3284 and Susan Feathers, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, (518) 445-3376.  Both Pershia and Dean Feathers  and members of our Students Campus Team Task Force are available to help you.  If you would like to join us (on the Albany Law’s Campus Task Force) in fighting these serious human issues, please contact the Diversity Office at: (518)445-3284.  

The Project’s “Stop Abuse Against Women” brochure contains important oncampus-based and community-based resources and is available throughout campus (in all restrooms on-campus & at the 2 security guard stations on campus – Buildings 1928 & 2000) and also located on our webpage under, Student Affairs’ Health & Wellness section.   Click HERE to review brochure.  Read article in the August 2009 edition of the Student Newspaper called “The Issue”.