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Albany Law School welcomes students from a wide variety of backgrounds into its rich intellectual community, to meet the needs of our students, the law school offer special services for nontraditional students, students with disabilities, veterans, multicultural students and students of all faiths.​  “We believe learning about other people’s experiences is relevant to everyone’s well being. By learning how to find common ground you may find your occasional human interactions more fruitful and engaging.”

Albany Law School’s students can range in age from 20 years to 55 years in any given year.  We have many non-traditional students, which may include parents and second career students in our law school either in our part- or full- time at any given time.  With over 25 student organizations there is a place for everyone to engage with each other. Many student groups work for social change through public forums, published articles or sponsoring and hosting well-known speakers on various topics of interest.  While others may volunteer to do legal research or offer ESL translation services for a local or national group in need.   Our students also solicit pro bono legal help, or raise funds for a specific cause.

American Bar Association (ABA):  ABA’s Diversity & Inclusion Portal, Click HERE:  https://www.americanbar.org/diversity-portal.html

Recommended Resources:

Project Implicit

American Council on Education  – Campus Diversity and Inclusion


National Association of Student Personnel Administrators: Equity and Diversity

Comments are welcomed!  Our commitment to diversity requires inclusion in order to be effective, so please share your ideas for new posts, web links, legal articles, court rulings, positive and uplifting quotes.  Share via email to BLOG’s Executive Editor,  Pershia M. Wilkins at: pwilk@albanylaw.edu or stop by her office in the Admissions suite.

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