On Monday, August 17th Albany Law School’s Dean & President Thomas Guernsey welcomed 255 students who now comprise the Class of 2012.  The class features graduates from 125 undergraduate colleges and universities, with one third of the students hailing from outside New York state, including 25 other states and foreign countries such as Pakistan, Romania, Canada, France, Turkey and South Korea.

Twenty percent of the Class of 2012 identify themselves as members of a minority group, making the class one of the most diverse in the law school’s 158-year history. The class, which has a median age of 23, is 42 percent female and 58 percent male. The students’ median LSAT score is 155 and their median GPA is 3.3, with both numbers being increases over last year.   For the 2009 Orientation schedule, Click HERE.

Nearly 25 percent of the 2012 class has completed internships with district attorneys, in public relations, special victims units, police departments, sports management agencies, at the White House, and other settings. Thirty-seven speak more than one language, including Mandarin, Hindi, Arabic, German, Swahili, Turkish, Italian, Urdu, Vietnamese and Russian. Nine new students are veterans of service with the Army, Navy, National Guard and Marines.