On Saturday, May 30th, Albany Law School student Ali Chaudhry was invited for a media interview concerning President Obama’s policy on Pakistan/Afghanistan, and the current situation in Pakistan.  It was conducted by Mr. Vikram Chandra, the CEO of New Delhi TV (NDTV), India’s largest news network. The show is called “The Big Fight” which enjoys a viewership of 35 million. Other co-panelists include Dr. Stephen Cohen from the Brookings Institute, Former U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan Hon. Nicholas Platt, Former Ambassador to India Hon. Frank Wisner, Prof. Arvind Panagariya from Columbia University, and Mr. Shuja Nawaz from the The Atlantic Council of the U.S.  The main themes of the interview were whether or not the United States has a new policy dealing with Pakistan and whether the U.S. is too soft on Pakistan.  To hear interview Click Here.

Also, the U.S. State Department has released a new publication, Being Muslim in America, aimed at rebutting worldwide slanders about U.S. “persecution” of Muslims.  The purpose of publishing “Being Muslim in America” is “to disabuse people of wildly false myths of the United States — that ‘Muslims are repressed, marginalized, fill in the blanks,’ ” according to Michael Friedman, division chief of print publications with the State Department’s Bureau of International Information Programs, which is overseeing distribution of the publication. For complete 36-page brochure, Click Here  NOTE: See page 6, Class of 2009 alum, Umair Khan is photographed).  

However, this publication has been met with criticism. Zuhdi Jasser, a Phoenix, Arizona doctor who heads the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, likened the booklet’s depiction of Muslim life in the United States to Cold War-era propaganda falsely portraying Communist dictatorships as “worker’s paradises” in which everyone was working toward a common goal and factionalism didn’t exist. American Muslims are divided between Islamists seeking to establish a caliphate and non-Islamists who want to live under the American Constitution on equal terms with non-Muslims, Jasser said. And similar divisions exist in the Middle East between non-Islamists and Islamists.  For commentary on the publication of this brochure, Click Here.