Albany Law School‘s Professor Michael Hutter successfully argued on behalf of a 9/11 volunteer, with the potential to impact many other volunteers, in the Matter of Hazan before the Appellate Division, Third Department, resulting in a unanimous decision last week that could expand the availability of medical compensation for more volunteers who rushed to help during the crisis.

Previously, many volunteers who helped at the World Trade Center were not covered if they were not “serving under the direction of an authorized rescue entity or volunteer agency.” Professor Hutter took on the case pro bono through the New York State Bar Association’s Pro Bono Appeals Program for the Third Department.  The ruling was featured in a front-page article by the New York Law Journal.   “This is the first time that an appeals court has come forward with a decision on this issue,” said Professor Hutter in the New York Law Journal. “I suspect that a lot of people may have decided to not pursue a claim because they could not show that they worked for a sponsoring agency. Clearly, there are a lot of people who are going to be impacted by this.”