The Albany Law School Health and Human Rights Pro Bono Project will participate in SUNY Albany’s Global Health and Human Rights Institute Health & Human Rights Seminar on Wednesday, March 26, 2014 from 10am-1pm.   Various populations across the globe are susceptible to health and human rights concerns.  Two populations are particularly at risk for such concerns due to various cultural, societal, and political reasons: prisoners and indigenous peoples.  Students from Albany Law School’s Health and Human Rights Pro Bono Project, which has been compiling research for the Global Health and Human Rights Institute, will be on campus from 10am-1pm on March 26th to participate in a seminar that discusses their work which focuses on one of the populations mentioned in either a Latin American or Caribbean country.
The seminar will include: an overview of each students’ country and population of choice, a highlight of the current situation in that country, and an analysis of the country’s constitutional protections for these populations as well as international treaties that should be taken into consideration when it comes to maintaining or improving the health and human rights conditions of the population in that particular country.  If you have questions, please contact Emily Von Werlhof at for more information.