The Stand Against Racism is a movement of the YWCA with the goal of bringing people together from all walks of life – across the country – to raise awareness that racism still exists.  Albany Law School is a local site for this campaign.   This program is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.  The methodology of the Stand Against Racism is to bring together like-minded organizations that share in their vision of eliminating racism and celebrating the richness of diversity.  By inviting community organizations to partner with us, we maximize the outreach of this mission, attracting hundreds of thousands of participants.  We invite all students, staff and faculty to join us in the East Foyer between 9am – 1pm. Lets join fellow members of the Albany Law School community and sign our pledge sheet, enjoy a cup of coffee and breakfast  on Friday, April 29th.  Review other Capital District and national Participating Sites  in our community and come out to take a Stand Against Racism and Sexism.    

Since this event will take place during our reading period,  FREE Coffee and Muffins will be available for everyone.   To our law students, Good luck on exams! and to members of the Class of 2011, Congratulations! on your upcoming graduation.

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