Law students are needed to tutor elementary school children, Grades 1-6 in Albany’s South End.  Tutoring sessions are held daily from 3:00-4:30pm.  Tutors will provide one-on-one reading, writing and homework help to students in one of Albany’s most disadvantaged neighborhoods.    Click HERE to learn more about Two Together.  We ask you all to consider taking part in this opportunity to participate in this federal work study program ($12 per hour will be paid to Albany Law student tutors) and affect the lives of young children in our community.  

If you have questions please contact:

On-campus coordinator: Director of Financial Aid, Andrea Wedler, or phone: (518) 445-2388.

Off-site Program Coordinator is: Ms. Elizabeth Gerron, MS Education Board President & Education Director, or phone: (518) 434-9055.