Speak out; listen up; and advocate for change!  

This October is more than Domestic Violence Awareness Month:  It’s the critical last few weeks before leadership changes hands across the country.  Act now and add your voice to the thousands of advocates calling for more funds and attention for our nationwide epidemic of abuse.   One in four women in the United States will be abused in her lifetime, which means this issue touches all our lives.  Each of us will make an important choice in November, but all of us can influence how our nation protects the health and safety of millions of women and girls.

Officials fear a rise in domestic violence cases in the Capital District.  Read recent article in Schenectady’s Gazette.

Stop Abuse Against Women

NYS Governor’s Office article in support of DV initiatives

If you or someone you know has EXPERIENCED SEXUAL ASSAULT, RELATIONSHIP VIOLENCE OR STALKING, assistance is available to you.

  • It takes courage to survive.  It takes courage to get help.  The Legal Project (Capital District Women’s Bar Association) is your lifeline to FREE legal help.  Phone: (518) 435-1770 OR visit: www.legalproject.org OR email: info@legalproject.org  
  • Albany County CVSVC: 24 Hour Hotline: (518) 447-7716 
  • Equinox, Inc: 24 Hour Hotline: (518) 432-7865 
  • www.capitaleap.com : 24 Hour Crisis Hotline, Confidential/Free: (800) 777-6531 
  • On-campus representative, “Stop Violence Against Women”  USDOJ Grant.:  Pershia Wilkins, Director of Diversity, (518) 445-3284  

Click HERE to see how yours OR a friend’s relationship measure up.  The Equality & Respect Wheel and Power & Control Wheel was adapted from Reaching & Teaching Students to Stop Violence NDVSAC Grant.