The Muslim Law Students Association and Amnesty International enjoyed a very successful start to the school year with their first event “Painting Iran Through American Eyes”. The Rochester Room was packed with both law students and community members, who came to hear about the experience of the two speakers Priscilla Fairbanks and Barbara Springs. 

The speakers were members of a peace mission to Iran, who journeyed with the intention of building relationships between the people of the United States and the people of Iran. Their trip also provided an opportunity for a wide range of ordinary Iranians to encounter citizens of the United States as they really are, beyond the stereotypes that define many views of the West.

Priscilla and Barbara made a visual presentation of their experiences in Iran, and showcased the views, traditions, arts, and culture through pictures and souvenirs that they had brought with them. It was interesting to hear that Iranians like and respect the American people, but dislike the American Government and its policies. A young man who was a member of the peace mission made a lot of friends by learning to say in Farsi, “I hate Bush!” The aspiration of the event was that Americans would have a better understanding of a country that is frequently mentioned in the news and we believe that we were able to do that. 

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