Eighteen NY Legal Education Opportunity (LEO) Fellows visited Albany Law School on July 9.  The NY LEO Program was created to promote diversity in the legal community and prepares students to succeed in law school.  Albany Law School faculty members (Acting Dean Connie Mayer and Prof. Kathe Klare, Professor of Academic Success), alumni, staff and students joined fellows for lunch.  Prior to visiting our campus the fellows received a guided tour (conducted by the Clerk of the Court) of the New York State Court of Appeals.    

Albany Law School is committed to diversity in the legal profession and supports program such as the New York Legal Education Opportunity (NY LEO) Program and has been a member school in the national CLEO summer program (Consortium on Diversity in Legal Education). These programs ensure that the legal community reflects the client-base and communities it serves. 
To learn more about the NY LEO program, click on: http://www.nycourts.gov/attorneys/leo/

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